Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Jewel of Unity: Chapter Four

King Gerik broke the silence that had fallen on the hall "Granger" he said "I will talk to you after lunch, and tell you what news Prince Charles has brought. But for now let us adjoin," he turned to the three "I will assign a guide to you."

In their rooms Charles and Woodward spoke freely, while Clarissa listened eagerly in the doorway, ostensibly she was waiting for instructions but really she was listening ad vividly to what they were saying "so" concluded Charles "we've got to find out all that the dwarves know about the Jewel of Unity and the marsh its in."

Woodward court sight of Clarissa, "are you coming with us? He spoke softly "this is more adventure than you bargained for at the Inn."

Clarissa's eyes were filled with determination, "I'm coming all right, before you said you were going I was trying to figure out how I could go by myself."

Charles nodded "ok! We’ll leave as soon as we find out from the King all there is to know about the marsh, it would help if we knew whereabouts the Tower is situated."

After lunch Charles requested speech with his host, he came back to the rooms his eyes twinkling "we leave early tomorrow!"

Woodward looked startled "don't they have anything on the marsh?"

His companion laughed "of cause they do."

Woodward gapped "but you can't have read all there is to know about it all ready, why you've only been gone a couple of minutes."

Charles put him out of his misery "no, I haven't, but Granger the Kings son has, and after hearing my story about the Crown of Power, Gerik has decided to let Granger go after the Jewel. It seems Granger's been begging to go ever since those letters turned up, and has read every book and document on the subject."

The rest of the day was spent gathering supplies, fitting horses, and buying cloaks and clothes suited to the terrain they would cover.

Early next morning they were off, but before they left the King and Queen addressed a few words to them "you four may be the means of which Earth falls of stands. We wish you the best wishes we can convey, and as a sign of our appreciation we give to you these," and the King and Queen handed four daggers to them. "They are the best daggers any creature can make, may they serve you well on your mission to find the Jewel of Unity."

The Four adventures buckled on the sheaths and Charles said for them all "Your Majesties, a creature can but do his best and this we promise you we will do. If the Jewel is there we will find it and bring it back to triumph over Roarke."

With that they set out.

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