Thursday, October 1, 2009

We stand for God!

I'm going to start posting up one hymn every week. I love hymns, especially old ones. They're my favorite way to pour out my heart to God.

We stand for God! and for His glory;
The Lord supreme and God of all;
Against His foes we raise His standard;
Around the Cross we hear His call.

Strengthen our faith, Redeemer;
Guard us when danger is nigh;
To Thee we pledge our lives and service;
For God we live, for God we'll die,
To Thee we pledge our lives and service,
For God we live, for God we'll die.

We stand for God! Jesus our Master
Has died to save with love untold;
His law divine and truth unchanging
In this our land their place must hold.

Strengthen our faith, Redeemer, etc.

We stand for God! In ages olden
He placed "the Cross" our stars beside;
Oh may our land gracios and golden
Be faithful to the Crucified.

Stregthen our faith, Redeemer, etc.


From the Shack said...

Are you open to requests?

Erin said...

Hymns make me feel like that, they also make me feel closer to God, a prayer.

Anna Maria said...

Yes, I'm quite happy to do requests.