Friday, December 3, 2010

Koala's Juicy Gum Tips are snippets of what has happened in my week. Metaphorically speaking these snippets are the tips of the leaf not the whole leaf. The Leaf being my week.

#1. Last night I played a multiplayer game with Legolas, Halt, Gimli and Princess. Unfortunately the internet connection dropped out while we were playing so we didn't get to finish the game.

#2. I have finish all my Maths and History for the term! On the down side I am somewhat behind in my Science, Geography and English.

#3. The other morning Jack Jack woke everyone up by screaming at a high pitch, because someone had told him to be quiet as he was waking them up. Everyone was not in a good mood that morning and nobody was very patient with the culprit.

#4. I only need to do 45 more minutes of night driving then I can go for the test.

#5. It has rained so often in this term. The ground seems to be in a perpetual state of mush.

1 comment:

Autumn said...

Only 45 more minutes! I am so jealous. My birth cert. still hasn't arrived. It should be here by monday, Dad says.
~ Autumn.