Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Jewel of Unity: Chapter Two

"When I was very young I noticed that my father was a week and selfish King, I was just a boy than but I made a pact with myself that I would make up for my fathers deficiencies. I practiced long and hard with my weapons, until I was the best in the court. I asked my fathers advisers why they said what they said, I studied hard at my lessons, especially those of other languages. In short I did every thing I could think of that would make me a better King.

One day my father and I had a difference of opinion on some minor detail and he accused me of trying to to be King. He has banished me from the kingdom for fear that I was trying to take the throne. Instead of helping him I have made him hate me."

Charles had made no comment throughout the story but now it was finished he said slowly "I am sorry. But I am glad you confided in me , I will repay your confidence with my own.

I am on my way to the dwarfs with news of great importance, when the dark lord Roarke was defeated the crown of power was hidden secretly, as you know Roarke was powerful himself but only with the crown of power could he hope to succeed in ruling this planet. The kings of old thought that one day the Crown could be used for good. The Crown has vanished hiding spot! I hope that the dwarf King Gerik will know what to do."

"But Roarke was killed in the war" objected Woodrow

"I know" said Charles "but his descendants still live, and one them has named himself Roarke, and I suspect stole the Crown. It won't be long now until there's another war. And I'm not sure of the results."

They looked at each other soberly for a few moments envisioning the terror and destruction that would soon sweep the planet.

Then Charles with a change of mood said swiftly "now that's enough solemness for one night, have you any funny stories?"

When Bill came in awhile later they were laughing and joking, "You look like you haven't a care in the world" he remarked.

"Oh I have one" said Charles with a smile "I need to find a new servant. Is there anyone in the village you could recommend, they would just have to know how to take care of horses and cook a meal, for the times we don't reach an inn."

Bill shook his head slowly "there's no one I can. None of the people in this village can take care of horses their livelihood is fish. Besides I doubt they would like to go traipsing around the planet when they could stay at home."

Clarissa rose from her hidden seat beside the heath, she had come to a quick decision while Bill talked, "I'll be your servant" she said.

"Are yer crazy Clarissa?" bellowed Bill, before the princes could respond "yer wana go wandering away from yer home with a prince yer don't know, ter who knows where!"

Clarissa who had overheard the confidences of the princes could have said she knew them. But instead she said "I want to see the world! To have adventures! I can never do that here. The prince wants a servant, I think I'm admirably fitted for the job. The only things I love in this world is adventure, boats, cooking and horses. And except for boats, that is exactly what the prince wants done."

"Wes took care of yer since yous were a baby" growled Bill "wes took yer in when yor mother and yorself were washed up in ar barrel. What would yor mother say to hear her daughter was traipsing all o'er the planet?"

Clarissa chuckled "since mother was aboard a ship it seems likely she traipsed all over the planet too," then her manner intensified "I'll never be happy here, I want to explore! To branch out! I'll never be satisfied to stay here all my life, its time I took care of myself, and here's the chance. Please understand Mr. Bill."

Charles had stood listening quietly to all that was said, he felt strangely drawn to the girl, he made a decision "I'll take you Miss" he said "if someone can give you a character reference, to ensure your not likely to steal my horses at first chance."

Bill growled softly "if she's gonna go I guess I can give her one. She's honest, once ran four kilometers ter give a man a silver coin 'e had dropped. She's dependable, never once had a complaint about 'er all the years she's worked at the inn. She's truthful, never heard 'er tell a lie. She's levelheaded, saved a boy from bein' gored to death by a bull, ran an' waved a red cloak she used ter wear, saved 'im just in time. I think thet'll be all yer need."

Charles nodded "your on" he said to Clarissa "I'm going to leave early in the morning, you'll have to have the horses all ready."

Woodrow who had been a silent spectator up till now spoke "may I come with you Charles? I feel that I would prefer you with me when I meet your father."

Charles chuckled "certainly, come! and welcome."

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