Thursday, November 27, 2008

Three bears and Goldilocks also Mighty River

The other day I came across a story and a poem that I had written in October last year, as they interested me I have copied them here.

The Three Bears and Goldilocks

Once upon a time there was a Papa bear, a mama bear and a little Tiny Bear. And they all went to space in a rocket; they climbed into their seats, buckled up their seat belts.
3, 2, 1 blast off.
The rocket whizzed off into space. The bears took off their seat belts and floated around it was fun. But after awhile it got rather tiring with all their food floating away from them.
They reached the moon, after many days travel. The three bears put on special space suits that they could breathe in. (The air in space is to thin to breath.) And walked around, taking photos of everything that they could see; so others could also enjoy the sight of the moon.
After they had taken enough pictures and samples of dust they walked back to the rocket and plummeted back to earth.
As they drew nearer they saw everything spread below like a map. When they were closer they activated a parachute that acted like a brake. They descended slowly onto the ocean and a helicopter rescued them.
They rode in the helicopter till they came to a village; there they asked the pilot if he could let them down. The bear was happy to oblige and also took the photos to the people that wanted them.
The bears started out for their cottage they walked for a long time and then they realized they were hopelessly lost, they continued walking hoping to come to somewhere they could ask directions.
Suddenly they saw a cottage nestled in amongst the trees. They knocked on the door and when nobody answered the three bears just walked right in. It was a very cozy cottage with an armchair, a lounge and also a table with a bowl of porridge on it and in another room a bed.
Papa bear was very hungry and he tasted the porridge on the table. But it was to cold, Mamma bear also tasted it and she said it was to hot, tiny bear said in a wee little voice
“I will eat anything too hot or too cold.”
And with that he sat down and ate it all up:
“Delicious” he pronounced “Just the right temperature.”
Than Papa bear sat in the armchair he sunk right down
“Too soft” he growled
Mamma bear was very tired.
“That armchair is just the thing” she said;
“Aww” she jumped up with a cry “It’s too hard.”
Little tiny bear was exploring, and found another room, the kitchen. It had a stove and a sink in it. Just than he heard another cry from mamma bear, when he found her she was holding her back and saying that the person that lived here must like a sore back and bottom.
Tiny bear said “Is the bed that hard, I’ll try it” And he laid down on the bed; “Just right” he murmured as he fell asleep.
“I’ve never seen anyone fall asleep that fast” was papa bears only comment.
They both walked into the adjoining room.
“I’ll just wait here.” Said mama bear comfortably settling herself on the lounge
“Do you think the owner will soon be back?” asked Papa bear but receiving no answer he lay on the floor and promptly fell asleep.
It was to this scene the owner of the cottage returned to, hungry from her long walk.
As soon as she opened the door she perceived papa bear on the floor and with a cry she ran past mama bear and in to her bedroom intending to lock the door on them.
She pulled up in surprise when she saw tiny bear in her bed. With a cry of dismay, she wheeled intending to run out of the cottage, and leave it to the bears. But her cry woke up tiny bear. He jumped out of the bed with a start.
“Hello” he said in a surprised voice “Are you the owner of this cottage.”
The little girl turned in amazement “Your not going to hurt me?” she asked in wonderment.
“No. we don’t eat people. We only came here to ask directions” answered tiny bear.
“Oh, where do you want to go?” Asked the girl,
“To our cottage, it’s green with red around the windows and an orange fence with a purple gate,” Replied tiny bear.
“I know that one its not far from here I’ll show you the way. But first would you like to stay to lunch?” Asked the little girl;
Little bear had to agree. He than introduced her to his parents as, Goldilocks!

Here's the poem.
The Mighty River
The creek, dashes over rocks and pebbles,
And gently sweeps the bends in its bed
It moves along its tree strewn banks,
And waters the grasses at its edge.
Faster and faster, its water flows
Collecting runoff as it goes.
Swelling and bubbling on its path,
Always welcomed by the River.
The River, deepened from the generous creek,
Flowing slowly, browned from its muddy bed.
Its green banks alive to lizards and insects
Kangaroos, drink deep from its surface.
Dragonflies, hover over the wide water
Lucky to avoid dangers lurking beneath,
The Osprey darting down, intent upon a meal
While the frogs croak within the reedy shallows.
More creeks, and more streams add their water;
The rains have been, and the River swells, and swirls,
Flood waters sweep down the normally placid river,
Trees dislodged, add their weight down the heavy torrent.
The River travels on and on, with more creeks adding to its power.
It’s pounding waters rising higher and higher, pushing and pushing
Reaching its mouth, it strikes out into the open sea
Disgorging its load, muddying the sea and flattening the waves.
The Mighty River has spoken.

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From the Shack said...

These are fantastic. I loved reading your Goldilocks story and the poem was very descriptive.

Have you written any poems lately?