Monday, March 23, 2009

The Jewel of Unity: Chapter Five

It was dusk on the fourth day and they had stopped to make camp, Granger and Clarissa were gathering wood for the fire when they heard a low whine,

"It sounds like it came from over there" said Granger pointing to a thorny thicket twenty metres away. Clarissa nodded her agreement as she heard the sound again, the third time it sounded, she dropped the sticks and peered into the depths of the thicket.

"Its a dog!" she exclaimed, Granger crouched down beside her, at the sight of him the dog growled.

"Poor thing" said Granger compassionately "he must be half starved"

Clarissa began chopping with her dagger at the vines growing around her "what are you doing?" Asked Granger "I'm going to get him out of there" said Clarissa hacking savagely at tough vine.
Granger shook his head "You can't do that he is half mad with fear and hunger, you will get bitten."

Clarissa shook her head "I can't leave him here to die, and a bite or two won't be half as painful as my conscience would be if I left him here."

She moved the vine away and crawled into the small tunnel she had made, she slithered forwarded on her stomach and chopping the vines in front of her she slowly made her way to the trapped dog.

"Its OK, its OK, I'm not going to hurt you! Now you just stay still while I free you." And murmuring softly Clarissa chopped and hacked at the tough vines that held the dog captive.

The dog seemed to understand her. He uttered a short bark, then watched Clarissa with his heart in his eyes.

Clarissa continued to make reassuring noises as she pulled at the vines surrounding the dog.

"Your free!" she exclaimed as the last vine fell from the dog, and picking him up she made her way down the small tunnel she had made.

When they came into camp with the dog everyone instantly stopped what they were doing and began petting the dog and talking about him.

"Where did you get the puppy?"

"He looks half starved, here's a bit of water for him."

"His coat would be quite lovely if it wasn't matted with dirt and burs."

Clarissa ignored their questions and instead asked "may I keep him?" although it was Charles she asked, it was at Woodward she looked as she anxiously waited for an answer.

"Ok," said Charles "the puppy dosn't look like it would eat much, and it's a good idea to have a watchdog."

Woodward nodded at this and affered "I'll help you train him if you like?"

Clarissa smiled happily and nodded "that will be great! I want him to be the best dog ever!"

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