Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why I'm Awesome

It was Autmn from Storygirl who gave me this Award. Thank you Autmn

With the award there are three things I have to do;

1: List seven thing that make me Awe-Summm!!!

2: Pass the Award on to seven bloggers I read.

3: Tag those seven bloggers.

Well lets see what makes me awesome?

1. First of all I have to say how fast I read. I read about 500 words per minute (thats more than two pages a minute.)

2. I can out argue every one in my family, not just stubborness but bringing in facts to prove my point.

3. I've got the best family a girl ever had.

4. I know about God!

5. I'm blest with a brain that makes my schoolwork if not easy, not hard.

6. I can write really fast.

7. I'm sweet sixteen. (Had to think one more thing.)

The seven Bloggers I tag are my sister Princess, Erin and Enna-Rin. (I'm afraid thats only three but everyone else has already been tagged.)


Erin said...

And you are the best daughter a family could have:){{}}

Dad said...

I take note of you being able to out argue but respectfully refute that point. I'm always ready to assist you in learning the finer skills of opposed conversation ... just for the fun of it.

Halt said...

What makes you think you can out argue me