Friday, August 20, 2010

Gum Tips

Koala's Juicy Gum Tips are snippets of what has happened in my week. Metaphorically speaking these snippets are the tips of the leaf not the whole leaf.

#1 My youngest sister Jelly Bean read her first book. The second Preparatory School Reader. I'm so proud of her.

#2 I have found a new author, Erle Stanley Gardner. He wrote the Perry Mason books.

#3 I've completed half my Learner driving hours, only 60 more to go.

#4 We got a new Spelling book. It's a little late in the term true, but it took forever to get through the mail to us.

#5 I went to a games night with my friends and played billionaire. A card game that necessitates yelling at the top of your lungs.

#6 Halt got a stick stuck in his foot that was at least 3 centimetres long and 3 millimetres wide.

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Erin said...


Love reading your Juicy Gum Tips:)
Love Mum