Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Tag!!!

This tag is from Vellvin.

1. What is your one favorite dish to see on the table at Christmas dinner?
The Dessert! after that, the potato salad.

2. Do you have a Nativity scene or a creche?
They are the same thing.

3. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
I don't really have a favourite Christmas Movie.

4. If you and your family could spend this Christmas in another country, where would you go?
I would probably choose England or Ireland.

5. Does your grandmother usually knit you something for Christmas, or does she give you something different -- say, a Wii?
My Mum's Mum, Marnie, tends to give bought items. The last few Christmas's it has been mostly cloth gifts, Beach towels, doona cases, clothing.
My Dad's Mum, Grandma, has knitted me a jumper, but gave it to me on my birthday. I think Grandma gave knitted jumpers to my siblings last year.

6. Have you ever gone out of the house wearing a reindeer headband? What about a Santa hat?

7. Do you usually make or buy your Christmas gifts?
When I was younger make, now I tend to buy them.

8. When do you set up your Christmas decorations?
At the beginning of advent we get out the Nativity sets, (we have a few, Mum tends to collect them) and set up the Christmas tree, we decorate the Christmas tree with only purple ornaments. On Christmas Eve, we take down the purple ornaments and decorate the Christmas tree with all our decorations.

9. What kind of activities does your church usually have at Christmas?
Nothing, we used to go to another Church where the children would make a nativity scene on Christmas Eve.

10. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus as a child?

11. Which of the Gospels gives your favorite account of the Christmas story?
They're both wonderful!

12. Have you ever acted in a Christmas pageant?
No. But I was once Mary at Church, my sister (Princess) was Baby Jesus.

13. Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets?
I think we did buy a toy for our dog on her first Christmas.

14. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Us all gathering together as a family round the Christmas tree and opening presents. Also going to Christmas Eve Mass.

I Tag...... whoever wants to do this Tag.

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