Friday, December 17, 2010

Gum Tips

Koala's Juicy Gum Tips are snippets of what has happened in my week. Metaphorically speaking these snippets are the tips of the leaf not the whole leaf. The Leaf being my week.

#1. I bought my own car! It is a dark green Suzuki Swift. I wasn't planing on buying a car for another couple of years. But Dad saw it parked at the corner, (local corner where you park your car during the day with contact details and price if you want to sell your car) for $900. It has about the same mileage as Dad's car and is one year newer. Dad's is a Holden Barina. The parts came from the same place but were put together by different companies. Something like that, anyway they are extremely similar. Dad and Mum went halves with me and plan on selling our other car as it isn't very fuel efficient and we won't need it anymore. I'm learning all about insurance claims, greenslips, rego, and when to change my air, fuel and oil filters. Also how to check my air pressure, I'm afraid that one of my tires may have a slow leak. My back suspension is probably a little gone also as we bottomed out twice after hitting pot holes. I'm just so excited! I have my own car!!!!

#2. They told us that we had to remove all the flooring from the convent by next Monday so this week every afternoon at five the boys have been going with Mum to the School where Dad meets them after work. They then slide the boards down a gutter from the two story windows to the trailer. I stay at home with the four youngest, so I don't know the details very well. They are all exhausted when they get in at about eight o'clock, good thing it's summer and the days are longer. Then however much they are tired we all have to unload the trailer that night so it is ready for Dad to take to take to work again in the morning. Jem love to "help" and gets a little under foot carrying his boards to Dad to stack. It is rather cute watching him grip his board with a determined expression on his face.

#3. Tomorrow we are going to Sydney to my cousin's 21 birthday party. It should be fun.

#4. I got something in my eye on Tuesday and like a fool I rubbed it. It was hurt and was quite teary for awhile. Mum got me to go to the optometrist today just to make sure it wasn't infected and he said he could see a scratch across my eye. It's healing nicely by itself though and it hasn't affected my pupil in any way.


Autumn said...

Your own car!!! And what a bargain!
~ Autumn.

Ruby said...

Hi Anna Maria, congratulations on getting your own car!

Anonymous said...