Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buying Books

I just finished reading a heap of books. I ordered them in the holidays from Better World Books. They do free shipping world wide now which is wonderful, because usually the postage is as much as the book. I bought 11 books which seems like a lot but I had money to spend what with babysitting money and ironing money. My ironing money always goes to buy me books. I get about one book a month that way. I bought some Lori Wick's and Dee Henderson's. Two of the Dee Henderson's were her first books and I can see that she has improved as a writer. They were pretty awful. Thanks for listening to me ramble on.


Autumn said...

What genre are Lori Wick and Dee Handerson?
Mystery? Fantasy?
~ Autumn.

Anna Maria said...

Lori Wick is Romance. Dee Henderson is a contemporary romance/suspense/military author. Both authors write light books. There is nothing objectionable in them though.

The Editrix said...

I was on Better World Books the other day, and noticed that they now do free shipping! I've never ordered from them before. Good to know that you're happy with your purchases, everything arrived safely, etc. . . I'll definitely look at ordering from them sometime, especially if they have books that are more expensive/not available from the Book Depository. In fact, I think I'll go and have a browse now. . . :-)