Monday, November 19, 2012

Damsels Daybook No: 6
Outside my window..... I can hear cars passing by, a crow (or what sounds like one) cawing and what must be a dog a block over barking.

I am thinking..... Exams are nearly over! Only 19 days till I go home!

From the Kitchen..... Nothing actually.

I am creating..... Nothing at the moment, I have some ideas for Christmas presents (I know far too early to be thinking about Christmas) and I bought a jigsaw puzzle in Vinnes the other day thinking I'd enjoy doing a puzzle again, I haven't created one in ages. However I haven't had the most time to start it, haven't even opened the box.
I am reading..... Nothing going at the moment but I snatched a quiet moment to relax between studing and read the latest John Flanagan and Rick Riodian books. They were great, John Flanagan was not up to his usual standard however I enjoyed it as always and want to know what adventure will happen next. Also I want to figure out where he is going to go with the love interest cosidering he hasn't actually said whose love interest she is. Percy Jackson's newest adventure was great. However I think I must be turning into one of those 'modern' people who live life in the fast track and they want everything in a rush, right now,  wth no patience, and if they can't get it now they just move on to something else and forget all about it. Well maybe I'm not totally there yet because I don't believe I'll forget all about these books but I really do want the sequels now not in a years time. Sometimes it is better discovering an author when they've written all their books already and have retired or passed away, only that's no good either because you still want them to have written 'just one more book about your favourite characters'. I mean really... *spoiler alert* Percy and Annabeth have just fallen into a pit containing gods that even the god of death is afraid of and I have to wait a year to find out what happens and then a year again after that to hear the victory of the good guys over the bad. It wouldn't be good fiction if there wasn't a happily ever after, that would make it almost realistic. Or as realistic as you can get with Greek and Roman gods and their children out to save a modern world set in America with the gods all fighting amonst themselves as they did in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, but not only that but mixed with their Roman selves with some like Athena hating her Roman image.

I am hearing..... 80's music playing the in the kitchen whilst my cousins are having an after school snack of by the sounds of it fruit and carrots.

I am hopeing..... That I pass my exams, have I ever said how much I dislike exams? I would far rather a researching essay or even oral questions, although, I must confess I would probably grow to dread an oral exam even worse. However only one more to go and I'm finished for the year.

I am planning..... To go home for the holidays and see my family. I've missed you guys! and gals! We'll have so much fun and I won't sleep (much) promise.

I'm wearing..... Brown skirt, a T-shirt that is a cross between pink and purple and a ring. I'm also curled up under the covers right now even though it is beautiful day outside (birds singing, sunshine gleaming) but I like being warm.

Around the house..... Well the my cousin is home from school and her little brother is discussing eating apples with her while the 80's plays a gentle background music.

My wish of the week..... That I pass my exams and 19 days pass quickly.

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Erin said...

Love your new blog look! the header and sidebars:)
Great to read a post from you:)