Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Ocean

The other day I was procrastinating about some work I had to do for College (I had ample time to do it), when I a random thought took hold of me. "Can I write a Poem?" I haven't read that much poetry, although I enjoy it and I had never attempted a poem before, except the one for school five years ago that I posted a while ago, The Mighty River, I had a lot of help with that through from my parents. But, how hard can writing poetry be? well... it isn't actually that hard. To write a good poem is hard, but just to write a poem, an expression of the ideas floating around in your head, flows from brain to paper without much difficulty. So here is the revised poem I wrote...

Rest on the headland,
Feel the soft wind,
Push against your face.
Watch the waves play hide and seek in the rocks,
Surging forward, then retreating
To make way for their playmates.
Gaze out to the horizon,
Sunlit waves
Laughing and dancing,
A vast delight to behold.
The world God’s painting,
Vibrant with life.
Overhead clouds churn,
A dark foreboding mass.
Nature takes a breath,
Expectancy hovers on the air.
Then it comes,
A wild tumultuous storm,
First the wind,
Raging in all directions
A twisting, coiling squall,
Untamed, free of all constraints.
Whipping the sea below,
Urging it, to join in the turmoil.
The sea stirs, flinging spray to heaven,
It enters the mayhem,
Sea and wind, dancing a wild chaotic dance.
Waves flung against rocks,
Fountains of white foam,
A maelstrom of life.
The wind screeches and screams,
Ripping and tearing its way across the sky
Whilst below the sea bellows a challenge.
Thunder and lightning join the scene,
Inseparable partners
Exploding with vigour.
Lightning streaks through the heavens,
Fashioning a cobweb of light,
Radiance for a moment.
A rumble of applause,
Answers the grand display,
A powerful symphony.
The storm is subsiding,
Golden beams timidly peek through the clouds.
Birds raise their voices,
Trilling amid the remnants of the symphony
After one last finale,
Tranquility once more claims the sea.
Chaos is replaced by peace

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Ruby said...

Wow! That poem is amazing! It gave me goosebumps! :D